HAM Astrochimp #65

HAM Astrochimp#65

HAM Astrochimp#65

72' and 48"

He was born in the jungles of Africa. He trained for two years on a secret air force base. He proved to be among the best. He flew into space and came back alive.   

His name was HAM astrochimp # 65. On 31st January 1961, HAM flew a Mercury Redstone rocket. On that day HAM became a national hero. Four months later, Alan Shepard follows him, becoming the first American in space.


Producer : Frédéric FOUGEA     
Director  : Jerôme Cecil AUFFRET  
Authors : Frédéric FOUGEA, Jerôme Cecil AUFFRET 
Co-author : Nathalie AUFFRET-FOUGEA                                         

Line producers : Marc RAMIREZ, Barthélémy Fougea                     
Original music : Laurent FERLET  
Animals handlers : Michelle & Désiré RECH
With : Brian QUINN, Paul SERE, Peter KING, Jerry DI GIACOMO, Zélie AUFFRET-BONAN.

A Boréales production, in association with Animal Planet International and NHK
With the participation of  BBC, Planète, La 7, RTBF, Télévision Suisse Romande.
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