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The Sanctuary, Story of Survival in the Alps 
The Alps! A thirteen hundred kilometres long stone mountain range in the heart of Europe. Steep slopes, wind swept cutting edge rocks. An air desperately lacking of oxygen. A biting cold. How do living beings adapt to those extreme conditions? How do they seduce each other, raise their youngsters, conquer new territories and roam vast distances? How can they live in these infernal conditions? From the mighty bear who fears no one to the strange bearded vulture who only eats bones, from the lonely she-wolf cast out of her pack to the surprising brown frog who lives in the snow, the animals who live in the Alps must outsmart each day the natural hazards of this extreme environment. From the highest tops down to the deepest valleys, here are the surprising destinies of those species facing the violence of the mountain. The makers of Wild France take you on an incredible journey through the frozen heart of Europe to discover that it is not always the strongest who survives, but more often those who help each others.
Frédéric Fougea

Lucas Allain 
Jérôme Bouvier 
Guillaume Colas 
Christian Gaume
Samuel Guiton 
Pascal Lorent 
Cyril Ruoso 
Samuel Toutain 
France Télévision 
Terra Mater 
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