Volcano Devils

Volcano Devils


June 3rd 1991, Mount Unzen, Japan

On this particular morning all eyes are turned to the volcano. Journalists, photographers, cameramen, scientists, politics… They are all listening to each beat coming from the heart of the volcano.

Katia and Maurice Krafft, the famous vulcanologists, adventurers and specialists of killer volcanoes, are hoping to witness an incredible explosion. They are joined by their young friend and colleague, the American, Harry Glicken. They are all going to die.

An Adventure and Science Dramadoc

HD – 90 minutes

Written and directed by Jérôme CORNUAU

With Mathias Mlekuz & Claude Perron

Co-produced by Boréales and 0927 PRODUCTIONS

In association with France Télévisions, NHK and National Geographic

And the participation of RAI – NRK - RTBF - Planète - TSR – ORF – Canal + Spain