Homo Sapiens

Special prime-time 90min

3x52mn documentaries
7x13' young public version



300 000 years ago, a new species of man appears. He is to be our most direct ancestor. He sets out to explore the land and seas. He adpats to every climate, finds ways to survive, tames of surrounding forces, pushing himself to the limit. He invents art, hunting, agriculture, livestock  farming, writing even medecine. His imaginantion transports him to the world of invisible.


What is his true story, how exactly did he conquered the planet, how did he lay the foundation of our existence? Homo sapiens is coming, he will change the face of the earth.



Producers :  Frédéric FOUGEA, Barthélémy FOUGEA  

Director : Jacques MALATERRE
Authors : Jacques MALATERRE, Frédéric FOUGEA, Pierre PELOT
Director of photography : Martial BARRAULT
Original music : Louis DANDREL  

A France-Canada coproduction Boréales and Productions Pixcom Coproduced by France 3, France 5, Télévision Suisse Romande, RTBF / To Do Today Productions, Discovery Channel, ZDF, Sagrera / TVE, Rainbow Angels With the participation of Télé-Québec, CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Produced in association with Planète, Slovak TV, Tang Média / CCTV, Melchior Studio / Center TV, GA&A / La 7 And the participation of Cofimage 16, France Télévisions Distribution

With the financial support of  Centre National de la Cinématographie, MEDIA, PROCIREP, ANGOA, SACEM, and Fonds Vidéotron, Tax credit of Quebec and Canada

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