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Wild France

Fabulous and wonderfully filmed, as never before, Wild France offers a magical insight into the natural history of this beautiful country.

Through a series of compelling and moving stories in the wild we discover France, a country blessed with natural riches.

It is a place where thousands of years of history, landscape and nature intertwine creating a world in which humans and wild animals exist alongside each other, with stories rich and diverse.

As they glide elegantly past medieval castle walls, a goose family soars over France, mother and father guiding their youngsters on their first voyage.
In the Fontainebleau Forest, two deer share a year of complicity before becoming fierce rivals.

In the Marais Poitevin, the incredible metamorphosis of the dragonfly takes place, before our eyes, overnight. 
In the Alps, we see the first steps of two wolf cubs just out of their den while a Corsican wild boar roams the mountains in search for new females.

The series also explores the human link with nature.

Frédéric Fougea 
Jacques Malaterre


Franck Cuvelier 
Samuel Guiton 
Samuel Toutain 
Nicolas Cailleret 
Philippe Garguil 
Benoît Demarle
Tanguy Stoecklé 
Terre Mater Factual Studios
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