Paris: A Wild Story (2017)

Paris: A Wild Story

Paris: A Wild Story

 Prime-time 90'

Paris is known throughout the world for the beauty of its architecture and the wealth of its heritage. But what of the 500,000 trees and the 2,900 wild species of fauna and flora that inhabit the City of Light?


Having adapted to the urban environment, this nature overflows with the fascinating and moving stories of wild species that dwell amongst the famous places of our habitat, and live the unusual adventures of their animal lives.


Paris: A Wild Story relates the astonishing destinies of those living creatures that stroll through town in search of food, love and adventures while men sleep, travel and work in the city.


Producer : BOREALES
Director : Frédéric FOUGEA
Writers : Frédéric FOUGEA and Guillaume POYET

Co-writers : Samuel Guiton, Gaïa Guasti
Narrated by : Audrey Fleurot

Co-produced by Boréales - Winds - Back Up Media - Terra Matter Factual Studios and the support of the Centre National du Cinéma and Mairie de Paris